Saturday, August 18, 2007

For Your Consideration


Pfieffer's "star" turn in Stardust is revelatory because in her two year absence from film it was easy to forget her ability to sink herself into a character with wicked devilish delight. In playing 400 year old witch Lamia, she takes full charge of the film and infusing her Catwoman-like charisma to full tilt. It's easy to dismiss this whimsy-filled fantasy as mere fluff because it essentially is, but Pfieffer gorgeously instills her beauty, her intelligence, and biting wit making Stardust far better than it had any right to be. She was callously ignored by the powers that be and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for Batman Returns, which was one of the most inspired genre performances of the last quarter century, but I implore she gets applause here. Pfieffer gives Stardust the devious villain it needs and enriches the film by playing it straight. Lamia needs the heart of a fallen star to keep her young and gorgeous-- you see her obsession, her madness and the joy of an actress relishing a role made for her.

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