Sunday, January 29, 2012

Directors Guild of America Winners

DIRECTOR (Feature): Michael Hazanavicius, The Artist
DIRECTOR (Documentary): James Marsh, Project Nim

It's worth noting that the top top critical and guild prizes for Documentary Feature film were given to titles either not shortlisted by the Academy (Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Into the Abyss, Senna, Beats, Rhymes & Life) or ones shortlisted, but snubbed (Project Nim.)

Anyhow, the DGA is best historical record there is that will predict the eventual Best Picture Oscar winner..which should make Hazanavicius and The Weinstein Company very happy Oscar night.

Only 12 times times since the DGA's inception has it not corresponded with the eventual Best Picture winner.

*Driving Miss Daisy is the real fluke as it's the only Best Picture winner that wasn't even nominated for a DGA directing award.

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