Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Top 5 Films of 2007... Thus Far

5. THE LOOKOUT (Scott Frank)-- Intricately plotted little noir with an
expert performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who's getting really good after Brick and Mysterious Skin; can't wait of Kimberly Pierce's Stop Loss).

4. WAITRESS (Adrienne Shelly)-- Sunny and sweet little screwball comedy. This is not normally the kind of movie I'd normally seek or rave about, but the writing and acting is so superior here, I found it difficult to resist. Keri Russell plays a pregnant waitress in a dirt Southern town and finds love in the arms of a doctor (Nathan Fillion) and redemption in her superior baking abilities.

3. GRINDHOUSE (Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino)-- It really makes me sad that this didn't really make any money-- it's possibly the most fun I've had in a movie theater all year. Rodriguez's Planet Terror is cheesy and winningly spirited in a grindy, bad movie sort of way, and Tarantino's Death Proof is the most articulate roadster movie ever made.

2. YEAR OF THE DOG (Mike White)-- A sublime dark tragicomedy with the best Molly Shannon performance of all time. It's hard to read this movie, but I like that, I think it should be seen because it's so divisive.

1. ONCE (John Carney)-- I previously gushed about this, so for more words,
click down.

I apologize already because I have a fondness for lists.

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