Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Trigger Man"

The LA Film Festival is currently going on and tonight I viewed the film, "Trigger Man," directed by Ti West. As an amateur film buff I love the experience of going of attending a film festival; they idea of watching a movie that possibly may never by seen or heard from again is exhilarating. However this film to my great dismay was a total bust. I deeply apologize to the suddenly hot Mr. West (Mister directing the Cabin Fever sequel), but what was on display for the torturous 90 minutes or so made me so angry and tired and completely apathetic about what else you may have to offer to the film community at large.

The plot is simple-- three friends journey into the woods on a hunting trip. All three are eager to hunt some deer in dire efforts to define their respective manhoods and in the midst of the interminable shots of walking in the woods, sitting in the woods, they suddenly become the hunted. No character in this film is defined or characterized in any way, hell, none of them speak really, expect to quote a few lines from "Predator." The camera work is wavy and obnoxious ready to spawn a headache from the opening shot, ironically the only one that's still.

I'm all for independent film. I'm all for filmmakers ready to show their aueteurish skills, even if a little bit messy, but this was a constant bore. You have to have something to keep a film going, not just a sudden burst of a music cord to wake people up. I'm sure when all is said and done, "Trigger Man," will stand or not stand as a lone festival has been, a film that never to be seen or heard from again. And Mr. West, my friends wants her ten bucks back.

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