Thursday, June 9, 2011

Opening This Week


  • Super 8- After endless teasing (sometimes I feel that's all director J.J. Abrams is actually interested in), the world can lay there eyes on his latest, a sci\fi coming of age tale that's rooted in 80s cinematic nostalgia.  Early reviews have been mostly positive, but hype like this was always going to be troublesome.  Whatever the response, it's the movie of the moment, and likely weekend champion, as no other major release is coming out this weekend.
  • Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer- The latest in tween entertainment adapted from the successful book series.  Co-stars Heather Graham, who has one of the strangest careers in history by now, I'd say.

  • Bride Flight- Period drama about three women from different backgrounds, forever changed after immigrate to New Zealand as war brides.
  • The Trip- The latest experimental comedy from all-over-the-place filmmaker Michael Winterbottom (9 Songs, The Killer Inside Me, Tristan Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story, A Mighty Heart, The Road to Guantanamo, 24 Hour Party People-- really his resume is a trip in itself.)  Anyhow, his latest stars Steve Coogan and is based on a six part British television series.
  • Trollhunter- Norwegian genre film featuring the best title of any film so far in 2011. It's like The Blair Witch Project remixed as a grindhouse comedy.
For those left out of the dark so far, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris opens wide this weekend, expanding to 942 theaters.  Check it out, it's still the best thing out there this summer so far.

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