Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Box Office

  1.  THINK LIKE A MAN- $33 million/ first weekend
  2. THE LUCKY ONE- $22 million/first weekend
  3. THE HUNGER GAMES- $14.5 million/$356 million total
  4. CHIMPANZEE- $10.2 million/first weekend
  5. THE THREE STOOGES- $9.2 million/$29.3 million total
  6. THE CABIN IN THE WOOD- $7.7 million/$26.9 million total
  7. AMERICAN REUNION- $5.2 million/$48.3 million total
  8. TITANIC (3D)- $5 million/$52 million total
  9. 21 JUMP STREET- $4.6 million/$127 million total
  10. MIRROR MIRROR- $4.1 million/$55.2 million total
After four weeks on top (the longest run since Avatar, The Hunger Games runs third for the weekend.  Think Like a Man, based on Steve Harvey's best-selling self help book surprisingly topped the weekend box office with an astounding per-screen average of $16,000 plus, while The Lucky One (aka- the latest attempt to make Zac Efron a leading man) debuted nicely in the bridesmaid position with just over $20 million in its first weekend.  In other news, The Hunger Games crossed the extremely rare $350 million mark, further adding fanfare and anticipation as to what kind of numbers it will attract with book number two, newly in the hands of filmmaker Francis Lawrence (Water for Elephants.)

  • Bully- with its newly instated PG-13 rating, The Weinstein Company went ahead with its most aggressive expansion earning $500,000 on 263 screens for a per-screen average of a paltry $1,325 and a total cum of $1.5 million.  Great and truly affecting film, one that if not every kid, than every parent and school teacher and administrator see.
  • The Raid: Redemption- The Sony Pictures Classics actioner has earned $3.5 million in five weeks of play.
  • Marley- documentary about Bob Marley debuted on 42 screens to $260,000 for a per-screen average just above $6,000.
  • Darling Campanion- Lawrence Kasden's return to filmmaking (with a cast that includes Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline) made $46,000 on 4 screens for a decent per-screen average of $11,000.  I like so many parts of the movie (cast and crew), but oy vey does it sound middling.

The Top Grosses of the Year So Far:
  • The Hunger Games- $356 million
  • Dr. Suess' The Lorax- $206 million
  • 21 Jump Street- $127 million
  • Safe House- $125 million
  • The Vow- $124 million
  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island- $100 million

The Top Per-Screen Averages So Far:
  • The Hunger Games- $36,971
  • Footnote- $23,764 (limited)
  • Bully- $23,294 (limited)
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi- $21,018 (limited)
  • An Inconsistent Truth- $20,733 (limited)
  • Chico & Rita- $20,654 (limited)
  • Dr. Suess' The Lorax- $18,830
  • Think Like a Man- $16,377
  • The Raid: Redemption- $15,270 (limited)
  • The Kid With the Bike- $15,311 (limited)

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