Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fear Looms; Warners delays Gangster Squad

I haven't written about the horrible events that took place in Aurora, Colorado for a few reasons.  One, perhaps, because of sensitivity to the tragedy, it feels more appropriate in some ways to keep quiet, for fear of adding fuel to a fire.  Secondly, because movies and movie houses are sacred, in my mind, and nothing should ever deter one feelings of being safe, instead just entranced by the awe and splendor of the cinema.  The fear part, I worry, not just for my sacred home away home, but for an industry that likely no not of what's ahead.

The first causality comes in the form of Gangster Squad, the new noir\crime thriller that stars Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Emma Stone.  The violent mob thriller was slated for release this September and features a climatic bout with guns blazing inside a movie theater.  The movie's misfortune had it's trailer on most prints of The Dark Knight Rises that fateful midnight.  The trailer has since been removed, and Warner Brothers is placed in the tricky, unenviable situation of playing damage control at the possible expense to art.  The film is now being pushed back for an early January release with plans to re-shoot the climax.

One feels a tremendous sympathy and anguish over events like these.  However is interminible news coverage and sacrificing the integrity of another film really the answer?

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