Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Empire Strikes

In a news item that will either make your geek boot tingle or twitch, the Walt Disney Co. snapped up LucasFilm for $4.05 billion, and thus will own the rights to the not just the Star Wars franchise, but the entirety of the George Lucas vault, including effects house Industrial Lights & Magic.  Further plans are evolved as Lucas himself has written a treatment for a trilogy that would released under Disney, with a planned arrival date of 2015.  This is a major purchase.  Disney, of course already has theme park attractions of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but now with this purchase, as well as it's slightly murkier ownership rights of Marvel Entertainment gives the company a significant boost in overall blockbuster tentpole output.  This alongside Pixar, means that Disney-proper could very provide very creative output of its very own, and still earn end of the year bragging rights; the mega-money earned earlier this year for Marvel's The Avengers proves there's still much green to be earned.  And even as the Star Wars prequels did little (or nothing) to advance the franchise creatively, all of which earned major cash merely by brand alone.  Another trilogy, merchandising, further theme park attractions, and geesh, the investment will pay off in dividends, even as a potentially, a generation of film fans will have their childhoods snatched in the process.

Now, only if Disney could snap up The Weinstein Company, all would come full circle in life.  And then purchase me, you, and all of our friends, merge with Oprah (since an outright acquisition would be out of the question), we would all have a magically life.

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