Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sight & Sound Top Ten of 2012

1.  The Master
2.  Tabu
3.  Amour
4.  Holy Motors
5.  Beasts of the Southern Wild
5.  Berberian Sound Studio
7.  Moonrise Kingdom
8.  Beyond the Hills
8.  Cosmopolis
8.  Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
8.  This Is Not a Film

The Master tops Sight and Sound's poll of the Best of 2012 in a rare instance where an American film nabs the top spot.  The Oscar universe seems awfully quiet on Paul Thomas Anderson's polarizing 1950s epic, but I suspect as the critics awards start to unfurl (the madness begins Monday, December 3rd with the New York Film Critics) that The Master will begin to pick up some steam.  This is surely a film that was never meant to a populist movie.  The Weinstein Company, surely know this from the start and that's perhaps why they opened the film in the middle of nowhere of mid-September in an effort to bang out every box office dollar to be had for such an uncompromising and hard to decipher auetural provocation.  Best Picture may perhaps be beyond their reach as this season as proven a competitive one, but Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman surely will be frontrunners in an a film that all can argue upon was superbly acted.

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