Sunday, July 8, 2007

All I Want to Do is Have Some Fun

Ode to a Saturday night in the mind of early twentysomething-- School is finished, now what? Working a dead end, slightly demeaning job for little pay and less personal integrity, with dwindling prospects of possibility in the future, but a feeling of lostness. Lost in a world of newfound responsibility-- bills and rent. Lost in a world of dreams, thinking no matter how much you think your capable of, rules, restriction and monetary funds stand in your way. Lost in a world of who knows what-- maybe I'm not smart enough, maybe not attractive enough, maybe not connected enough. Now what? Sitting in a ratty apartment with your best friends talking and laughing about nothing easing the pain and anxiety with cheap tonics and alcoholic beverages, thinking this is the time of our lives. Maybe it is, it is pretty sweet-- responsibility (but not too much), living on your own, but mooching off everyone else when the paycheck dies out, having fun and laughing at nothing and everything, thinking passionately, but not too deeply. This the American youth dream! Hopefully you stick it out and keep dreaming big; it's the time when your deepest desires are less attainable, but still optimistically fresh in your head. It's heaven and hell and beauty and horror. Yeah I still can wait a few years before I officially have to grow up, but I'm living independently, happily and sadly. All you need is a few close friends to get through the day. There's days both bad and good, adventures of sublime and the downright depressing, but it is the time of our lives, the thing of memories, things to be nostalgic about, but when will they end, and what will be the results of the finality?

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