Monday, July 23, 2007

For Your Consideration

This is a plea to the trusted actors, producers, writer, directors, and other film craftsmen to not forget the wonderful performance given by Molly Shannon in Mike White's Year of the Dog come years end. Shannon plays Peggy, a lonely secretary and dog lover, when her beloved pooch Pencil dies, Peggy goes on a weird, metaphysical odyssey that's tragic and comic and strange. It's a credit to White's insightful screenplay, but mostly Shannon's outstanding, and un-showy performance. She never relies on histrionics or actorly tricks, there's no grandstanding her, which is why I fear that her turn her get lost in the crowd when this year comes to a close. Shannon nails the characters quiet aloofness whether she's debating the sexuality of fellow dog lover Peter Sarsgaard, quietly despising sister-in-law Laura Dern for her anti-animal awareness, or treading in pain while being romanced by a creepy John C. Rielly. The most joyous scene in the movie shows Peggy on her bed with a houseful of dogs running around destroying her place-- here Shannon exposes the passion and redemptive quality of giving a life purpose. BEST ACTRESS- Molly Shannon.

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