Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Simpsons

Anyone who watched The Simpsons last Sunday caught the tagged couch gag by graffiti artist\icon Banksy, and witnessed what I personally believe was the most inspired and transgressive sequence the show has offered in years, hearkening back to the time when the show was at it's cultural and satiric peak.  Banksy's opening transported the viewer from the Simpson house to the an Asian sweatshop where the shows mechanics and various bric-a-brac is produced.  It was by turns funny and horrifying; a point made even more succinct since large aspects of the show are indeed outsourced to South Korea.

Banksy was the recent subject of the acclaimed and juicy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, which for it's ideas and provocation will likely not get an Academy Award nomination this year, despite being highly deserving-- the academy doesn't really do "fun" docs.

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