Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goya Awards

Spain's equivalent to the Oscars:
PICTURE: Black Bread
DIRECTOR: Agusti Villaronga, Black Bread
ACTOR: Javier Bardem, Biutiful
ACTRESS: Nora Navis, Black Bread
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Karra Elejalde, Also the Rain
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Laia Marull, Black Bread
NEW DIRECTOR: David Pinillos, Bon Appetit
EUROPEAN FILM: The King's Speech
full winners here.

Just a note on the delight that Buried is receiving a bit of awards love.  It's one of my favorite little-seen treasures of 2010.  Unfairly dumped in the beginning of last fall where is was unfortunately buried.  But there's something special about the trapped-in-a-box thriller that leaves hope for a promising career in director Rodrigo Cortes, who made his feature debut here.  Far from perfect, but a nice and tight style showcase that probably would have made Hitchcock proud.  And the first time, it's star Ryan Reynolds appeared engaged into what he was doing.  The screenwriter, Chris Sparling didn't do himself much favors this award seasons by self endorsing himself via e-mail, but then again, nobody else was putting much of a campaign for him either.  And in other news...The King's Speech picks up another award!

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