Friday, February 4, 2011

Opening This Week


  • The Roommate- the next line of rotating genre trash picks up nicely with a college-set thriller about a creepy roommate.  Stars Leighton Meester (of TV's Gossip Girl) and Cam Gigandet, whose bland prettiness occupies most films like this, seriously this dude is in like nine movies a year.
  • Sanctum- for those keeping track this is the second 2011 release in 3-D.  Or better yet, don't keep track, one is bound to lose count in a couple of weeks.  Anyhow this underwater cave spectacle comes from marketable hands of Mr. James Cameron, meaning it will look pretty anyhow.  Could be a nice sub-The Abyss adventure, with an Aussie twist.  Stars Ioan Gruffudd and Richard Roxburgh (the Duke from Moulin Rouge!)

  • The Other Woman- Natalie Portman's second of three hundred movies to open in 2011; this one's a old one that's been sitting on a shelf somewhere since in festival debut in 2009, where it received mixed reviews.  Which is sad considering I like the pedigree of the film-- it's written and directed by Don Roos (The Opposite of Sex, Happy Endings), and co-stars Lisa Kudrow.  While the cynic is me knows the film is only creeping out to capitalize on the current Portmania (I stole that from L.A. Weekly, but I couldn't resist), I still think this is the only weekly offering for me.  Portman plays the other woman who struggles to adjust to her new familial role after a tragedy.
  • Waiting for Forever- romantic drama starring Rachel Bilson.  Directed by Jane Seymour's husband for the Dr. Quinn obsessives.
  • Twelve Thirty- an ensemble film centering on the lives of how a family deals with the appearance of Glee and Broadway cutie Jonathon Groff entering their lives.  Also stars Mamie Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep.

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