Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tim Hetherington

Very sad news, as British born war photographer and documentary filmmaker Tim Hetherington was killed yesterday while covering the conflict in Lybia.  Known, at least to cinephiles, as the co-director of the wonderful 2010 documentary Restrepo (partnered with Sebastian Junger), nominated for the Oscar but two months ago.  He was also an incredibly respected photography, with a varied body of work-- photographs in Vanity Fair, covering Afghanistan for ABC News, and the Darfur documentary The Devil Came on Horseback.  He won the World Press Photo Award in 2007.  I know Restrepo best, and the wonderfully, lived-in, almost unbearably close insight into the nature and psyche of the soldiers followed was, far and away, some of the best footage of this dubious war ever documented.  I'm grateful that a film like this exists, period.  Incredibly sad news, Hetherington was 40 years old.

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