Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's Your Number

A romantic comedy featuring Anna Faris.  Looks pleasant and cute enough, much like it's leading lady, and for a by-the-numbers, raunchy little ditty it could be quite good.  One has to think, however, of the wasted potential of the gifted Faris.  In movies as silly or nearly terrible like the Scary Movie franchise, Just Friends, Waiting and The House Bunny the petite, pretty blonde has such a willingness and almost preternatural joie de vivre that there's always been that looming thought of what magic could strike if she was in a film that used her charm and all-goes-out desire for mania and comic pratfalls to the max.  This may be that film, or maybe not.  For those who saw it, there was a small, nearly enchanting portrait of what that might look like in Gregg Araki's stoner comedy Smiley Face (2007), in which Faris as a plucky airhead, gave a nearly faultless comic performance of a girls hard luck day after ingesting very special cupcakes.  Mainstream Hollywood, I believe you owe this lady a commercial counterpoint.

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