Thursday, November 8, 2012


For those you ventured into Wreck-It-Ralph, and judging from its phenomenal opening weekend grosses many of you did, you no don't caught the ingenious Disney short, Paperman.  A wistful and delicately romantic film, brimming with joy, and shot in beautiful black and white, mixing state of the art 3-D effects with more classical hand drawn elements.  There's a sense of magic, old school allure and style, but matched with such an effervescent, old-hand slight of Disney hand-- I felt a child-like shiver of unbridled emotion matched with a aching sense of glee.  Telling a simple story of a brief encounter between a young man and woman and meet-cute aboard a subway platform and transfixing on their hopeful play of fate, there's a small sense that the romantic comedy genre maybe rebounds slightly here.  As the would-be lovers separate, He sojourns to his demeaning office job, lorded by an oafish office monger, and She ventures to a ill-fitting meeting of her own.  He, by chance, notices She across the glorious New York street and rabbles for her attention, first by awkward body movements and unheard screeching, and finally by throwing paper planes to her window.  No dice, but fate has mechanics in store, and this lovely wordless film makes a lovely testament to the power of such, and incandescent wonder of films, no matter the length.  A  

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