Thursday, March 10, 2011

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

It has been announced that Julianne Moore, an actress I freely and obsessively admit that I absolutely adore, and have for quite some time will tackle the role of Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO movie Game Change, based on the bestselling book about the events of 2008 election.  It will be directed by Jay Roach, who recently did the HBO film Recount, about the 2000 election, which is reassuring because that one was actually kind of good, unlike a few of Mr. Roach's feature films.  I love the idea of Moore tackling a baity role for a network prone to quality, and idea of her potentially getting at the very least an Emmy-- really how can an actress so profoundly and otherworldly talented have so few trophies on her shelf, aside from a crap load of critics award citations and a Venice Film Festival win for Far From Heaven.  But again I worry, since the muse-like, incandescence of Moore's depth has mostly come from an original, almost primal place, not the showy art of mimicry, she's untested there.  I also worry that because Ms. Palin is such a character (one that given a certain political taste, I for one wouldn't mind a little less of), and one that was so spot-on mimed before with Tina Fey, will that dampen whatever Moore brings to the character.  I need a moment to pine at some of her best work:

Boogie Nights, Safe, Far From Heaven, The Kids Are All Right
And of the film itself-- political gossip is hard to tackle on screen.  Getting the tone right is important (the quality of Josh Brolin's performance couldn't save the tonally awkward, and damningly schizophrenia of Oliver Stone's W), and Palin is such an easy target.  Urgh, I've ranted myself into a tizzy, and feel the need to close...

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