Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Really That Time of Year

Today is the day ballots are mailed for the 80th Academy Awards! As we've come into the race (as which it is called) nothing is completely certain-- except the momentum of No Country For Old Men (which is awesome, because the movie is freaking amazing), of course I've been lead astray before, as in two years when Brokeback Mountain was the critical fave and died on arrival thanks to the onslaught of grandstanding by Crash, but whatever. So the time has come by again, and of course I watch and listen and read, like a true obsessive, suspecting the worst possibly for my favorite films, but unquestionably loyal at the same time.

A Few Suggestions, just to keep in mind:

-This has been a good year for musicals, with Sweeney Todd and Hairspray definetly getting some love, but what about I'm Not There (Todd Haynes' challenging, beautifully uncomprising configuration of Bob Dylan), and Once, a little, quiet gem ("Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy)-- GOLD!

-Laura Linney! She's freaking awesome in The Savages-- it's her movie, give this amazingly talented, dreamily nature, and always engaging woman some love.

-Amy Adams! Giving the warmest and funniest performance of the year-- it's cartoonish, but it's supposed to (whereas Cate Blanchett's cartoon performance in Elizabeth-- Globe & SAG approved is not)-- she's the heart and the soul of Enchanted, and makes the uneven, quirky movie work, not unlike Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (yeah it's hyperbole, but whatever.)

-Kelly MacDonald! The only unsung hero of No Country (did anyone watch her final scene)-- it's did anyone know she's Scottish, you can't tell!

-Across the Universe-- I know a lot of people hate it, but give some visual love-- it's freaking awesome to look at, ain't it?

-Michelle Pfieffer in Stardust-- I know a lot of Academy members are not too kind to genre films, and this one is a bit silly at times, but she is wonderful and intoxicating-- try not to look at her!

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