Thursday, January 10, 2013

American Society of Cinematographer Nominations

Anna Karenina- Seamus McGarvey
Les Miserables- Danny Cohen
Life of Pi- Claudio Miranda
Lincoln- Janusz Kaminski
Skyfall- Roger Deakins

A formidable selection and a tight race, like many this year, and another go around of may-it-be/will-it-be finally the year that the much nominated cinematographer/poet Roger Deakins can claim a statue.  The ASC isn't always the best indicator for the Oscar- Deakins himself claim that to be true winning here.  The variety in the lensing of these films is quite spectacular from the theatricality of Anna Karenina, the controversially shot in close-up Les Miserables, the majestic wonder of Life of Pi, the austere, but regally naturalistic look of Lincoln to the eye candy spectacle of Skyfall.  In this most contentious year of a near embarrassment of riches, one could easily see some adjustments in the line-up tomorrow morning with Zero Dark Thirty, The Master and Django Unchained noticeably absent.

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