Monday, January 28, 2013

SAG Awards- The Best Bad Idea

ACTOR: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
ACTRESS: Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook
SUPPORTING ACTOR: Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Argo is tops with the Screen Actors Guild winning the Best Ensemble prize last evening, topping off its PGA victory Saturday, which coupled with the Golden Globe and Critics Choice wins implies that despite the very odd omission from director Ben Affleck in the Best Director Oscar is the undisputed leader.  Lincoln won two prizes, the most of any film, but it's lack of Best Picture prizes signals on also-ran quality to what, on paper at least, seems like the quintessential Best Picture of the year.  It's an interesting development to this year of mystery and that Affleck-Oscar omission, seeming to tell of weakness to a film that, has in truth, in the thick of the awards hunt since its celebrated debut last fall at Telluride and Toronto, onward to mass populist and critical appeal.  However, it's done just the opposite to damper its chances, igniting an underdog feeling-- a strange one to the undisputed frontrunner.

I've long believed since its debut that Argo was an Oscar powerhouse, with its jabs at relevance within a Middle Eastern historical period piece (set long enough ago not to ignite waves, like it's darker cousin-- the problem child Zero Dark Thirty, but not so long ago not to be considered purely a stately period show)--  more importantly the film showcases a love of the film industry; and that kind of showmanship appeared as genuine fodder for AMPAS.

Personally, my prediction record with the 2012 awards season is spotty-- I expected a Silver Linings-upset at SAG, netting three out of five correctly.  Best Supporting Actor appears to be my personal undoing this year....

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