Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Performance Not Awarded by Anyone

The rule for this award is simple- a performance I deemed superior-- that hasn't been acknowledged by any critics prizes, any organizations, internet cineasts, or wasn't in a film that received awards traction this past season. And that honor, in my humble opinion, this year belongs to Marley Shelton for her portrayl of Dr. Dakota Block in Grindhouse, or Planet Terror to be exact. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez crafted a loving homage to trashy exploitation of film yore and came up with something quite brilliant. The collective film only grossed about $25 million last April, but Shelton, a young beauty known primarly for forgettable girl next door parts in films like Pleasantville, Sugar & Spice and Uptown Girls, before an inticing cameo at the start of Sin City, clearly gets the joke and gives a charming and full knowning spin to her role of a doctor running from her zombie husband (Josh Brolin- great pre-No Country) and trying to get to her true love one (a spicey girl played by Fergie.) She understands what's expected of her and has the best running in any film of 2007:

Dr. Dakota Block: Hi, Joe. I'm going to give you a very strong anesthetic, so you won't feel anything during the procedure. These...
[pats the needles in her shirt pocket]

Dr. Dakota Block: ...are my friends. My yellow friend is to take the sting off.
[injects Joe in the arm with the yellow needle]

Dr. Dakota Block: My blue friend you'll barely feel.
[injects Joe in the arm with the blue needle]

Dr. Dakota Block: That means my yellow friend is already taking effect.
See how fast my friends work?
[injects Joe in the arm with the red needle]

Dr. Dakota Block: And after my red-headed friend, you'll never see me again.
[Joe slobbers over himself and passes out]


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