Friday, January 11, 2008

American Cinema Editors

The American Cinema Editors announced their nominations. The best editing award for the Oscars usually link to the best picture nominees.

The Bourne Ultimatum- Christopher Rouse
Into the Wild- Jay Cassidy
Michael Clayton- John Gilroy (Tony's brother)
No Country For Old Men- Rodrick Jaynes
There Will Be Blood- Dylan Tichenor

Hairspray- Michael Tronick
Juno- Dana E. Glauberman
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End- Craig Wood & Stephen Rivkin
Ratatouille- Darren Holmes
Sweeney Todd- Craig Lebenzon

Even with the split Atonement still missed out. This is a good sign I suppose for Juno, as well as Into the Wild (a big hit with the guilds) and Michael Clayton. Perhaps too late for Sweeney Todd I fear. What's with the Pirates mention, better comedies were out-- Knocked Up perhaps-- owes as much to its editing as anything else, right?

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