Saturday, January 5, 2008

MY 2007 IN FILM-- The Good, The Bad, and the Ghost Rider
As the New Year has come and gone and as the year end accolades come pouring out, I'm reflective about the past year in movies. There's plenty I still have to see- There Will Be Blood, Charlie Wilson's War, Walk Hard, etc. I hope to view in the next week-- but there's still plenty of worthy material above. Many have mentioned that 2007 was a good year for American filmmaking, and I agree. There was a lot of challenging and terrific films out there. And it's noticed right in this year Oscar race where the clear favorites don't necessarily agree with past award-bait films, but genuine authentic pieces of filmmaking. No Country For Old Men is the clear critical favorite and Best Picture frontrunner, and this genius, yet very dark film is not an obvious choice-- it's violent and lacks that tender (if cloying) warmth the Academy goes for, and that's just dandy!

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