Friday, January 11, 2008


The Writers Guild of America has announced their nominations and strike be damned, they still made some rather smart choices.

Juno- Diablo Cody
Knocked Up- Judd Apatow
Lars & the Real Girl- Nancy Oliver
Michael Clayton- Tony Gilroy
The Savages- Tamara Jenkins

The Diving Bell & the Butterfly- Ronald Harwood
Into the Wild- Sean Penn
No Country For Old Men- Ethan Coen & Joel Coen
There Will Be Blood- Paul Thomas Anderson
Zodiac- James Vanderbilt

Some inspired choices-- the writers guild noms usually go 4\5 with the Academy Awards, still leaving room open possibly for Ratatouille or Before the Devil Knows You're Dead in the original catagory, and possibly Atonement or Charlie Wilson's War in the adapted category. However I find it odd that none of the guilds have rewarded Atonement (save for the ASC), is it DOA? Was it too heavily hyped with diminishing returns? Or will it resurge at the Golden Globes (and by then will anyone care?)

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