Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Less Than Two Hours

I'm scared...I'm nervous...I'm excited, and as usual I can't sleep. It's less than two hours and counting until the announcement of the nominations of the 80th Academy Awards. With a year like this where most of the most "buzzed" (I truly hate that word) about films are actually pretty good, and one (save for No Country For Old Men and possibly\hopefully There Will Be Blood) where there's about eight viable contenders in the top catagories, anything could happen. It seems from the Internet prognisticators the consensus seems to be:

The Diving Bell & the Butterfly
Michael Clayton
No Country For Old Men
There Will Be Blood
with Into the Wild (lots of guild support, but not much else), Atonement (Golden Globe winner and BAFTA support, but critical indifference), Sweeney Todd (Golden Globe winner), American Gangster (big box office, prestige factor, but blah) as the spoilers. But who knows anything. I'll refrain from guessing, because I'm way to insecure in the end.

On a sadder note, I was announced that Jonny Greenwood's amazing, groundbreaking score for There Will Be Blood was deemed ineligible for the best score catagory. Apparently the score references other music, so it was judged as "diluted." What a way to piss off avid film geeks. This ruling seems a bit arbitrary especially after the Oscar win last year for Babel which didn't seem to me to have any original music in it. It makes me a bit bonkers, but I suppose I will just have to ignore this enormous setback on the verge of Super Tuesday. Also the scores for Into the Wild and Enchanted have been deem ineligible as well.

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