Friday, January 14, 2011

American Cinema Editors Nominations

The American Cinema Editors acknowledge the intangible work of film editing, the unsung heroes of the filmmaking process.  Much is noted in the necessity to be appreciated by the film editors to have any chance of a Best Picture win.  The last film to win Best Picture at the Oscars without a film editing Oscar was 1980's Ordinary People.

The nominees for the 2010 ACE "Eddies" are:

  • Black Swan- Andrew Weisblum
  • The Fighter- Pamela Martin
  • Inception- Lee Smith
  • The King's Speech- Tariq Anwar
  • The Social Network- Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter
And here again, we are reminded of our "top five."

  • Alice in Wonderland- Chris Lebenzon
  • Easy A- Susan Littenberg
  • The Kids Are All Right- Jeffrey M. Werner
  • Made in Dagenham- Michael Parker
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World- Jonathon Amos & Paul Machliss
Scott Pilgrim
  • Despicable Me- Gregory Perler & Pam Ziegenhagen
  • How to Train Your Dragon- Maryann Brandon & Darren T. Holmes
  • Toy Story 3- Ken Schretzmann & Lee Unkrich
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop- Tom Fulford & Chris King
  • Inside Job- Chad Beck & Adam Bolt
  • Waiting for 'Superman'- Jay Cassidy, Greg Finton & Kim Roberts
Banksy's cutting is award worthy
No True Grit means one of two things: the guilds aren't feeling the Coen Brothers western, thus perhaps a chance that the Academy won't come full circle with the film; or that's peaking later than the voting seasons of many of the guilds, which is likely the more truthful statement-- earning $100 million just before ballots are due won't hurt.  The good news is the joyful inclusion of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Exit Through the Gift Shop.  The whatever news is the now predictive quality of the "top five," no matter the value of the individual film.  The bad news is the awful, lazy award acceptance of the dreadful Alice in Wonderland.

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