Thursday, January 20, 2011

Costume Designers Guild Nominations

Black Swan- Amy Westcott
Burlesque- Michael Kaplan
Inception- Jeffrey Kurland
The Social Network- Jacqueline West
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps- Ellen Mirojnick

The Fighter- Mark Bridges
The King's Speech- Jenny Beaven
True Grit- Mary Zophres

Alice in Wonderland- Colleen Atwood
The Tempest- Sandy Powell
TRON: Legacy- Christine Bieselin Clark & Michael Wilkinson

Kind of the strange year for costume design, since really only Alice in Wonderland, and maybe The Tempest count as pure baity, eye candy films in this category.  I'm sure The King's Speech will get nominated, but that's very subdued period, not the flashy, Oscar-endorsed more is more type of film.  Burlesque, you might just be an 2-time Oscar nominee this that up Razzie Awards!

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