Friday, January 7, 2011

Cinema Audio Society Nominations

Those selected for aural bliss this year:

  • Black Swan
  • Inception
  • Shutter Island
  • The Social Network
  • True Grit
A truly fine field this as each of those five films had a rich sound design that was perfectly catered and suited to it's film.  My favorite of the group is Black Swan, with it's unique sound design filled with feathery motions, squeamish panic are while harmonizing brilliantly with Tchaikovsky's original source and Clint Mansell's score.  Inception has it's score in the mix as well as the loud clunks of Nolan's big think-piece.  The subtlest choice is The Social Network, but Fincher's always been a fine and meticulous technician, and the crisp clarity of Sorkin's dialogue is music to my ears.  My list, apropos of nothing, would include Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

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