Sunday, January 23, 2011

Producers Guild Award Winners

FEATURE FILM: The King's Speech
DOCUMENTARY: Waiting for 'Superman'

And now friends, we have what you all have been waiting for: an actual horse race, as The King's Speech, with it's proud period stature takes the limelight from the critical darling The Social Network.  Last Sunday, when the David Fincher-Aaron Sorkin Facebook phenom took center stage at the Golden Globes, many proclaimed the race over, done, finito!  However, Tom Hooper's stately royal drama has gained plenty of the power as the week progressed, topping (not unexpectedly) the BAFTA nominations (although it's two Best Picture nominations seem a tad unfair-- it nominated for Best Picture proper, as well as Best British Picture!), and now rejoicing in it's Producers Guild win, and it's a fairly substantial one at that.  Here are the PGA (non-golf) stats:

A History of the PGA.
Only seven times in the PGA history has it's winner not won the Oscar!  I fear the next month of awards hoopla will get ugly...

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